Arnold Wong

Photo by Arnold Wong / Text by Arnold Wong

What I'm wearing

  • Ring Jacket mohair and wool hopsack sports coat
  • Drake's chambray shirt
  • Orazio Luciano MTM trouser in W.Bill linen
  • Saint Crispin's MTM wingtip
  • Rolex 5513
  • Monsieur Fox "Ouest of the Daimyo" Handkerchief


Ring Jacket - one of the very few, high quality ready-to-wear maker that produces refined garments in italian soft construction. What I'm wearing in the photo is one of my favorite model from RJ - AMJ03, an exclusive cut designed by The Armoury team; I would describe it as a Neapolitan inspired cut - soft shoulder, spalla camicia, full sleeves, high armhole, 3 roll 2 buttons, and generous lapels. It's a jacket that basically combines every details we like from experience and from some of the most renowned taliors around the world.

The jacket is also made up in a mohair/wool hopsack fabric - a high twist construction that makes it very light and breathable in the swealtering heat of Hong Kong.

Oh, and most importantly,  it goes well with my preferred high rise & full legged trouser.



Whenever I put on my hat or tie, my grandmother would always tell me an interesting story about about my grandpa. On one occasion, I remember how she talked vividly about how my grandpa believed a good pair of shoe is of great importance. It taught me something to which I would never look back and for which I will be forever grateful of. Quality over quantity is a philosophy that I do and preach everyday.
Once in a while, I can't help myself but to think what is the kind of poignant stories could people could pass on their their childrens?
Here at the Armoury - a places that values heritage and craftsmanship, allows me to explore and find myself something truly meaningful to pass on to future generations.

What do you do?

I help customers with their buying decisions and give stylistic advices on fit and combinations. So my day-to-day role can include everything from taking measurements and suggesting on fabric and style for customers.

I also act as a bridge between customers and tailors - helping our customer understand and solve fitting problems; making sure all our garments looks as refined as possible on our customers.

Another role I play is visual merchandising - decorating each mannequin and changing window displays is something I do with great passion. Expressing my view of what a luxury haberdasher should look like gives me great excitement.

On photography - I handle majority of the products styling and shooting. Keeping abreast on what's happening out there and posting regularly on our social media is of paramount importance in our business. The whole idea is to keep our community informed with the new artisans we discover; providing a platform for people to share and get inspired by others.