Alan See

Text by Mark Cho, Photo by Mark Cho

Alan See is the co-founder of The Armoury, we met 8 years ago through our mutual tailor, WW Chan, and have been friends ever since. To me, the only things about Alan that has changed over the years is his haircut. Our style has developed and become more refined but he has always kept the same easygoing, friendly personality that connected us in the first place. I think he is one of the best examples of why looking good is not just wearing good clothing, but being relaxed and having a positive aura. 

Alan is more into a classic Italian look, which can be seen in the very typical coordination of cream jacket with grey trousers. I think he has re-interpreted it in a very interesting way by using very casual elements in that classic colour scheme, such as linen trousers and espadrilles instead of shoes. 

One unusual aspect of The Armoury is we have two shops in Hong Kong that are within 3 minutes walking distance from each other. As a result, we are often walking outside back and forth between the two shops to see our customers. This is the busiest intersection in Central, Hong Kong, which we use every day. Most people tend to walk only on the striped crosswalk so it was easy to get a clear space around Alan to take the photo. Since the traffic light is not very long, I had to take this photo very quickly. I got lucky and we did it on the second change of lights, done in 5 minutes!