Alexander Pirounis


What He's wearing
Ascot Chang x The Armoury Safari Jacket
The Armoury shirt MTM
Salvatore Ambrosi bespoke trousers
Carmina tassel loafers

As an Asian person, I always notice the very strong guiding influence of family and especially parents. Many of my friends work for their family businesses or work in the same fields as their parents; for instance doctors having children who also become doctors. I think children inherit some of the passions of their parents and it guides them towards certain types of work as a result. 

My colleague Alex is half Italian, half Greek, fluent in multiple languages. His father has worked in the clothing industry for many years and is passionate about men's clothing. Alex inherited that same passion for men's clothing but also brings his own strengths. I am always impressed by his confidence, which comes very naturally from him. When promoting a new style to a customer, he presents it in a positive and confident way, which in turn gives the customer the confidence to try it.

Alex's style is that of a sophisticated, modern Italian. Through experiencing many cultures, he truly understands the value of a subtle, clasisc look. He uses a very classic colour palette and he likes classic details like high-rise trousers, pleats and vent-less jackets. He updates it with a slim, soft silhouette.