Rob Spangle

Photo by Mark Cho / Text by Mark Cho / Brian Davis

Each time I meet Rob, I can't help but notice how many shirts he wears in one outfit. One under, one over, sometimes one tied around his waist. It is unusual but it suits him. His style is relaxed and worn-in, with some unexpected details. I am impressed by his curiosity and open mindedness. He is always wanting to explore his own ability and pursue his interests, which led him down the interesting path he has taken so far. 

- Mark

What are you wearing?

my wardrobe is a mix of tailoring and workwear thats easy to travel in. If I wear one outfit more than anything else its laceless brougues, selvage denim jeans, some layered bespoke shirts from Luca Avitable, and a beat up Barbour international jacket.

What are you shooting with?

Most days I carry a Nikon, A D4 or D800 and generally a 85mm lens, though sometimes a telephoto. At night, amongst friends and at least once during the week I stick to film with my Leica M6.

You’ve walked an interesting road over the last 10 years. Could you introduce yourself and talk a bit about what you have been doing?

Its been a wandering path to say the least. At 17 I singed up and joined the United States Marine Corps, out of a sense of adventure and patriotic duty. I joined the Infantry but had the good fortune of become a Reconnaissance Marine and got to see allot of the world because of it. I started to gain an interest in menswear and tailoring while in the military, through books, websites and magazines. When my duty finished I studied fashion and product design, eventually taking a leap and apprenticing on Savile Row at Maurice Sedwell when i realized my tastes where less commercial. While apprenticing a hobby of photography more or less took over my life and I decided to combine my two passions. Now I travel for a majority of the year photographing the stylish guys I encounter, as well as working on editorials with brands and magazines.

Do you feel there is a constant thread among the things you have done? (military, tailoring, photography)

with much reflection I think I can say that my different passions and occupations have all been in pursuit of answering the same question: what is a man's true nature, and what is his highest form? Its an answer for myself, one I havnt found yet, and hopefully others can learn from my journey and through my work

As a tailor, any particular styles you like? Cuts from certain tailors, or certain details from garments?

from a tailoring perspective I think the syles that I admire the most are guys I see returning to a more voluminous suit, high waisted, double pleats, a longer jacket that swings from the shoulder. There has been an obsesion in the last years with fitted suits, and it hasnt lasted because it ignores what actually makes a suit comfortable to wear, and that the highest aim of a bespoke suit is one that looks good in motion. On a personal level I love when I see a narrative and sense of sentiment above form/function in a mans dress.

Who are your style inspirations? Both for clothing and for photography.

for both style and photography I always admire people who either introduce me to new ideas, or have a real sense of mastery of themselves. for style, in no particular order: Jason Blood, Jay Azingir, Adam Rogers, Bernarnd Fouquet, Saman Amel & Dag Granath, Jake Grantham…for photography, Ryan Plett, Jonathan Daniel Pryce, Adam Katz Sinding, Sam Haskins, Bruce Gilden, Brassai….