Q&A #2.1 - Mark Cho



Ring Jacket Honey and Blue Checked Jacket

Drake’s Navy Overdyed Cotton Shirt

Ambrosi Bespoke Grey Wool Trousers

Drake’s Navy Paisley Silk Pocket Square

Carmina Brown Suede Penny Loafers


Grey trousers with a jacket in warm colours is one of my favourite combinations. It’s a combination very skillfully used by the Italians, I don’t see it as often in England. Since the grey is neutral, I find it shifts attention up towards the jacket, shirt and tie. I was very excited to see this jacket arrive in our stores this season. The base colour is a rich honey and the blue is just the right shade to add interest. Given the blue accent of the jacket, I automatically search for blue items to match. This blue overdyed cotton shirt was in the Drake’s store last year. Its heavy weight and marbled colour goes perfectly with the textured jacket fabric. I wanted to add a little more elegance to the combination so I used a classic paisley square to complete it.




Ring Jacket Balloon Brown Wool Jacket

Drake’s Green and White Striped Linen Shirt

Drake’s Panama Silk Tie

Liverano Cream Linen Trousers

Drake’s Pink and Navy Silk Spotted Hank

Koji Suzuki Cream Nubuck Derbies


I love this shirt so much, I built the outfit around it. It’s an unusual shade of green, similar to teal, and with a very bold, wide stripe pattern. The first instinct is wear it casually and without a tie but it’s so appealingly decorative, I want to wear it in a more complex, dressy way. To really highlight the shirt, I stayed tone-on-tone for the trousers and jacket and tried to avoid any items that were too dark and would overwhelm it. The tie is a new fabric we are using at Drake’s called Panama Silk. It has a lovely, dry hand with slight texture to it. Colours on Panama Silk tend to look a little bit dusty and this one also had some green in the motif so it was a very natural match for the shirt. The pink square was to add a touch of unpredictability to the outfit.