Nexus 5X First Two Week Review

Overall - happy with it.

I thought the fingerprint reader was going to be useless but holy hell is it useful. I use it as the on-button, it saves me a swipe to get into the phone and it acts as authorization for Google Play purchases. 

I was worried the battery life would be terrible but actually it's been fine. Not great, but fine. can get through a day of use. The standby seems to go forever which is impressive. 

USB-C is a little annoying. There is a lot of variation in the quality of the cables and although the Google one is great, the 3rd party one I got was a bit lousy. I guess time will catch up but what the hell do I do with all of these other micro USB cables I have ... 

I feel like the audio output is a little weak. It doesn't drive my headphones as well and the sound feels a little off compared to my Sony's and Samsung's.