Surface Book Review Update #4 - all good in the hood

I've made my peace with the machine. Seems stable, haven't had any glaring issues. Sometimes the keyboard/trackpad are unresponsive from sleep but I can fix that by closing the lid and opening it again.

I have noticed some people complaining about the laptop not sleeping properly. I have experienced that once or twice but I think the issue is complicated by the fact that the power button is on the top of the machine. If you slip it into your bag with that power button facing down, you will obviously wake it as a result. Might be best to store the machine hinge down and power button up. 

Long story short - buy? I think the machine has a ton of potential, but I'm not sure I could recommend it to noobs. It's seriously beautiful hardware, both in terms of spec and fit and finish. If the software cooperates, as it has for me, then I think it's worth buying.