Topre Realforce Keyboard YK2100

Owned the Topre Realforce for about a week, learnt the hard way that the YK2100model is the "high-profile" model. That does not mean it's higher-end than the regular models, it means the keys themselves are higher and are more strongly angled towards your fingers (in theory). The arrangement might be ideal for some users, but I prefer a less steel angle, hence the keyboard is going back to be exchanged for the standard model.

I have to say though, the typing feel is GREAT. It is not as clicky as a buckling spring but it has a very satisfying clunk at the bottom of each keystroke. Quality of the hardware is pretty decent and I like the layout and spacing of the keys. In particular, they significantly reduced the size of the windows key and increased the size of CTRL and ALT which made a lot of sense to me. 

No, it's not cheap, but if you love good input devices, you will love a TOPRE.