Naoyuki Komatsu

PHOTO BY MARK CHO / Text by Naoyuki Komatsu and Mark Cho


Personally, I think Komatsu-san makes the finest leather bags in the world, bar none. The bags are bespoke, made by the hands of Komatsu-san and his two apprentices. Every seam, long or short is done by hand. Even the luxury giants cannot match that level of handcraft. Komatsu-san trained in both leather tanning and bag making, which allows him unparalleled insight into his materials. He selects only the finest for every creation. 

- Mark

I make bags by hand in my workshop everyday. Since I normally get so much leather dust on myself, my regular outfit is a workwear. It is very exciting for me to wear a suit and meet customers when I have trunkshows at The Armoury.

This suit by Antonio Liverano is a treasure for me. I can feel so much emotions on this suit as well as the highest level of hand work and aesthetics that always trying to achieve the best.  I love fun and beautiful products like this. Signor Liverano taught me so many things such as his super high standards as an artisan. I highly respect him and appreciate his numerous advises. 

This portrait was taken when I had my first trunk show at The Armoury NYC. Working with The Armoury gives us precious opportunity to have overseas customers our bags, and I learn so much from this highly enjoyable experience. I look forward to seeing the welcoming and warm-hearted customers and staff members in this exciting city again. 

- Naoyuki Komatsu