Jeff Hilliard

Text by Jeff HIlliard, Photo by Zach Jobe

What I'm wearing

  • Ring Jacket Double Breasted Jacket in Harrison's charcoal chalkstripe flannel with matching Ambrosi single pleat trousers
  • Carmina black galosh cap toes with metal toe taps
  • Ascot Chang custom spread collar shirt in Thomas Mason fabric
  • Drake's Navy Grenadine (8cm)
  • Lock & Co. Lenny Cap
  • Simonnot Godard white rapsody pocket square


Around the time that I placed the order for this suit I had been looking at old pictures of Buster Keaton.  Buster was one of the silliest people in Hollywood but he wore very serious clothing, particularly dark double breasted suits with subtle texture.  This was my nod to Buster and I paired it with equally sober accessories like black galosh shoes and a navy grenadine.  The pants are a bit fuller at the thigh and knee with a strong taper.  Although it sounds a little boring, I actually received quite a reaction - maybe it's the hat!


The tie that I'm wearing in this picture is 6 years old and was my very first Drake's tie.  I've worn it so much that the slip stitch has broken and it's stretched over 5 inches.  It reminds me of my initial interest in classically tailored clothing, so I will never get rid of it.

What do you do?

I'm very lucky to work for The Armoury, it is my dream job.  My main responsibilities are to make sure that our clients have an enjoyable experience online and to continually improve our content and online customer satisfaction.  That means my days are spent on anything from taking pictures to answering questions to idea generation.  It's always a new experience each day.