B&W A7

Great speaker, really happy with it.

Does better in smaller rooms.

Cranks pretty loud.

Sounds: rich, warm.

Positioning: prefers to be near a wall.

Inputs: 3.5mm minijack, optical and USB.

Setup is a real dog. Took me a long time to set up because it would not play nice with my wireless network. I found out: Turns out it needs to be on a G network. It doesn't like N, have not tried it with AC. I changed my wireless network settings to allow G clients and it was smooth sailing.

Airplay is Airplay. Sometimes it works, sometimes it will cut out intermittently, possibly due to wireless network congestion / the way it interacts with your router.

Messed around with AirFoil, which transmits Windows audio to any Airplay speaker. I found out: there is a delay when using the Airplay protocol so it's no good for trying to watch a movie. The audio and video will be out of sync.

Comparable Products owned:

Geneva Labs XL - massive speaker. CD slot can easily fill up with dust and the inputs will start auto-switching. Otherwise, the XL has superior sound but with a bigger price and footprint.

Dynaudio XEO 3 - if you don't need to mess with Airplay and don't mind having two speakers, just get these. Really fantastic. I replaced my A7 with these.

Orb Audio Mini-T amplifier, Mod1X speakers and subMINI - was disappointed by these. Definitely a gap between the lows and the mids because of the super small speaker + sub configuration. Not saying the 2.1 setup is useless, but it doesn't work well in this case.