Ubiquiti UniFi AP

Holy shit, super impressed. How often can you be impressed by wireless access points??

My apartment is a weird shape and a lot of doors, I can't get coverage all over. I bought two of these expecting: one wifi network but running from two AP's. They won't interfere with each other and will work in unison.

I bought two of the basic models, only 2.4 ghz, no 5ghz. Wireless N but no AC.

Super scared about flaky WDS / mesh network setups. Ubiquiti has its own way of doing things that just seemed to work. Process: install Ubiquiti's utility (lightweight, no bullshit, runs in browser and well made!), wire both into your network via ethernet, "adopt" both your AP's in the utility, set network settings and set both on same wireless channel, physically disconnect one, give it a minute, it will still be available through Ubiquiti's utility, click "uplink" on the unwired one and that's it.

I found out: PoE (Power over Ethernet) but runs 24v instead of 48v, not all PoE routers will work. Does come with a power injector.

I found out: yes, power injector to give it juice over a regular network cable, but no network cables included! So, you will need at least 1 network cable to hook it up to the power injector and 2 network cables if you are hooking it into access points. I almost ran out of network cables setting it all up. (o noes)

I found out: not all network cables are created equal! Check your cable heads and make sure all 8 of the contacts are wired up otherwise you won't be able to use it for power! You can do data with only some of the contacts wired so some cable manufacturers don't wire them up completely. What the hell?

I found out: you want the UniFi controller. There are other downloads on Ubiquiti's website but they no work!

Super like:

One alone already has great range. Two together make for great coverage.

Cheap! (considering its abilities)

UniFi controller utility! So good!