HTC M8 - Great phone but had to let it go! Two reasons ...

Used the M8 for the last few months, really, really liked it, even the low-res but high sensitivity camera. However, two major reasons kept me from keeping it.

1. I travel a lot and spend a lot of time in Europe, USA and HK. The M8 models tend to have quite limited bands available. The Asia version does not have the necessary bands for USA, for instance. It pains me to say it, but the M8 does not make for a good travelling phone as a result!

2. I like to tinker with firmware. Also, given that the M8 has a Google Play Edition (GPE), which allows easy access to the latest Android operating system builds, I thought it would be easy to flash GPE. Wrong! I can unlock the bootloader, I can get root but I cannot get S-Off (security off). This is a limitation of the hack used to get S-Off that affects certain models, apparently most of the newer ones. A disappointing turn of events indeed!

I have since replaced my M8 with a Sony Z3 D6633. Much better in terms of bands though I prefer the feel of the M8 in the hand.