X1 Carbon 2015 - All is forgiven!

I never thought this day would come ... an X1 Carbon with a sensible keyboard (F U 2014 X1 Carbon) AND a proper screen AND the touchpoint buttons back. I got the 2560x version, non-touch and it is a good looking screen. Good viewing angle, decent colour rendition. I don't think I've been this pleased with a laptop in a while! 

Downsides? We lost the SD card slot which is really too bad. Updates to follow over the coming days.

1/21/2015 - Update on battery life

Charged it fully last night, took it to the office at 3pm and have been using it for 4.5 hours so far. Brightness at 90%, max CPU at 50%, wifi on and in heavy use all day because it was syncing my Dropbox account, I have 19% battery life left with an estimated 1hr 16 mins. Picasa has been indexing photos which is relatively CPU intensive as well. Looks like 5+ hours is easily achievable, maybe 6.5 at a push. 

Still loving this machine, no complaints. Screen is great, great viewing angles as expected from an IPS screen. I missed you so much Trackpoint!!

Also, really pleasantly surprised by the total lack of bloatware. Essential Lenovo stuff pre-installed, Norton (which was easy to uninstall), Office, that's about it. 

1/22/2015 - Look at that viewing angle

I don't need to mention how crappy the viewing angle used to be on Thinkpads ... 

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