Z3 Compact Cases - Ringke Fusion + Terrapin Extra Slim

I dropped my Z3 like an idiot and broke the screen so I decided to reverse my cases suck policy for my replacement, the Z3 compact.

I tried the Ringke Fusion case and the Terrapin Extra Slim Hybrid Rubberized, bought both from Amazon. The Fusion is definitely better. It's a little bigger but fits nicely and looks like it could survive some abuse. The Terrapin case is thin but seems brittle and only good for scratch protection.

Of course, none of this would happened if the phone didn't have a slippery glass back causing the phone to slip off of anything with even the slightest incline.

Update 7/2/2015 : Really loving the Ringke Fusion ... a little shocked how much I've taken to it. Headphones seem to fit fine, there's a slight cutout around the jack to help with that.

Obligatory Amazon Link

Xperia Z3 Compact Case - Ringke FUSION Case