Sony Z3 Compact vs Samsung Galaxy S6 - 13/05/2015 Update

1/5/2015 First notes

Samsung did a great job but the battery life is garbage. Way to ruin a good phone!
I'm in Tokyo on business and I don't have access to chargers that much, down to 10% from just using it 11AM to 7PM. What the hell! I'm even locked onto 3G signals only to save some battery life.
So tempted to go back to my, Z3C but ugh, this camera and screen are so nice...

13/5/2015 Update

The battery life continues to be an issue. With relatively light use, I am getting about a work day but dangerously low in the evenings. GPS is a surprisingly huge draw. I was using a lot of Google Maps while I was in Japan a few weeks ago and it was very annoying having to top up all the time.

That been said, I don't think I can go back to the Z3C. The G6 is undoubtedly better in the camera department and I use it all the time for work and play. The screen, form factor and fit and finish are also awesome. It doesn't feel fragile so I haven't felt the need to put it in a case yet. The glass back, which I hate because of potential durability issues, has held up fine and the colour of it is beautiful, a deep shade of blue/black depending on how you hold it. Bizarre that I like it so much but there you go.

The phone will launch the camera if you double press the home button ... such a great feature, I don't know why no-one else thought of this!

What I learned: Samsung reverses the App Switch button and the Back button from what I'm used to. There's an app called All in One Gestures that allows you to switch them as well as any hardware button. 

2015/05/23 Update 

Well, battery life barely lasted me a five hour car ride. Also, dropped my phone once and the screen cracked badly but is still usable. Those drop videos they have online are bullshit!