Switched from Samsung Galaxy S6 to S6 Active, huge improvement!

S6 ... great phone, a little bit fragile (broke the screen once already) and utterly rubbish battery life. Just switched to the S6 Active. It's marginally larger than the S6, but has all the same specs PLUS waterproofing, a generally more resilient build, an extra shortcut button and a 3,500 mAh battery compared with the insufficient 2,600 mAh in the standard S6.

When I say resilient build, I refer to reinforced bumper corners, a raised lip along the edge of the screen, making a face down drop much less dangerous (that's how I broke my S6), and the back is rubberized plastic for extra grippiness.

You can buy the AT&T version unlocked at full price and then unlock it via the AT&T website. I'm using it on my provider in Hong Kong (Smartone) with no issues. The unlock page is here:


Fill the fields out, wait 2 business days, and you're set.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Unlocked