Mark Cho

Text by Mark Cho, Portrait by Tina Jui / Mark Cho

What you're wearing


Bespoke tailoring is an extremely personal thing, I think it reflects the relationship between the customer and the cutter. Antonio Liverano is like family to me, I have learned so much from him. When I wear suits that he made for me, I feel like he understands me like family and it brings me a lot of joy to wear his work. 

I wear a lot of Drake's shirts. Although they don't have the very fine, handmade feeling of Italian shirts, the quality is still very good and I think they have a wonderful, sturdy British style instead, which more suits my taste. 

This year's spring summer Drake's grenadine with spots is great and the first time I have seen grenadine done this way. 

Our shop's lapel chains are always a great accessory, they are very small in the lapel so it's a subtle accessory but the exposed chain underneath makes it more interesting. I always wear our Lotus model because I love eating renkon!

I shot this image on the roof of the Drake's factory in London. If you're ever in town, you can request a tour from their office. It's one of my favourite places in the world. 

What do you do?

I am one of the founders of The Armoury, I started it with Alan See almost five years ago now. I work on all aspects of the business. I am sometimes on the shop floor but these days I spend much more time working on our back office. As our company has grown, it has become more and more important to stay organized. I am in charge of the design of all our stores. Since the store is like my second home, I try to include a lot of my own personal items in it.