Jake Grantham

Text by Jake Grantham, Photo by Amanda Kho

What I'm Wearing

  • Ciccio Bespoke Suit
  • Belgian Loafers
  • Liverano Shirt
  • Drake's Hank
  • Sorley Tie
  • Persol Sunglasses


I find Ciccio to be one of the most interesting contemporary bespoke tailors. Ueki-san produces garments that adhere to a distinctive and unique house style. His combination of traditional Neapolitan aesthetics with a hyper-soft construction and clean Japanese construction makes for a suit that reflects both his Neapolitan and Japanese influence. Ueki's relative young age is also impressive, with a refined house aesthetic resonating with me due to it's relaxed feel, clean lines and traditional proportions. 

Working for The Armoury also has equally afforded me a personal admiration for Ueki as a supplier and friend. It is important that you respect a tailor's work as much as their personality and ethos. 

I am wearing a classic navy that is worn with the extended front dart, ventless jacket, generous lapel and overall relaxed fit. Ciccio's soft lapel, low buttoning, and minimal construction resonates with my personal style as I like to dress classically yet imprecise and relaxed. 

The knit tie, black suede Belgian loafers and pink shirt further this look, put together and somber yet louche with a degree of informality with a classic navy suit. 

Where are you?

I am standing at the top of the IFC building in Hong Kong. It is a beautiful spot that lets you take in the harbor of Hong Kong - a short walk from our stores, it is a suitably Hong Kong oasis in the middle of Central. 

What do you do?

Having worked for The Armoury for 3 years and previously at Drake's - I am part of our creative team working to develop product and cloth with our roster of suppliers. Additionally I work to buy both ready to wear garments and accessories as well as curating fabrics for our ready-to-wear and made-to-measure offerings. I can be found in our Hong Kong stores assisting customers as well as conducting made-to-measure fittings and trunk shows.